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Packaging and Shipping 

These days, packaging for your product is just as important as your product. You want packaging that is appealing and also easy to ship. I've included a few samples of packaging ideas and links. Your graphic designer can design and sometimes print your packaging boxes and bags. Reach out to different graphic designers to see what options they have for packaging.

A Box, Bag or Tube is the way most are packaging their hair now.  I would not suggest those hideous plastic bags, not even the ones I use unless your customer is purchasing wholesale.

www.evaformart.com can be used for quick Personalized hair bags

www.Eliteboxx.com is 1-stop-shop and great for Branding

www.MassAppealDesigns.com can help with Branding and Packaging

www.PaperMart.com is my favorite because they ship quickly and are relatively inexpensive for things like bags, tissue paper or boxes

wwwAlibaba.com is great if you are ordering 500 or more pieces, however, you’d have to sort through a lot of companies.

www.BagsandBows  is a great one also because they can add your logo to your bags quickly


Shipping can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong shipping partner and your customers may suffer a poor experience. Make sure to plan out your shipping strategy or you could end up unprofitable like I did in the beginning.

Offering your customers free shipping is becoming an increasingly popular option and has shown a lot of promise in reducing shopping cart abandonment. However, as you might suspect, shipping is never free. Someone always has to pay. In this case, Increase product prices to cover costs for shipping so the customer pays.

Charge a Flat Rate

Another option is to offer flat-rate shipping. The best practice for this option usually is to try and make sure that you don't drastically undercharge or overcharge your customers. Flat rate shipping usually works best when you have a fairly standard product line of similar size and weight products. Flat rate shipping tends to become a little complicated and less effective if you sell a wide variety of products with different sizes and weights.

Insurance & Tracking

Hair is very valuable and shipping insurance, and tracking can offer a great deal of security. With most couriers, insurance is relatively inexpensive and provides you recourse should one of your packages get lost or damaged. Some payment service like PayPal and Stripe requires either proof of delivery or a tracking number to be eligible for Seller Protection insurance.  Consider purchasing insurance on big-ticket items so that in the rare cases when a package does get lost, you'll be covered.

Labeling Your Packages

Once you have figured out your presentation, packaging, courier and costs, you’ll need to determine how you want to label your packages. Many new e-commerce entrepreneurs start off by writing the shipping and return address on the package by hand. Although this can be a great way to start, it tends to be time-consuming, tedious and not scalable as your business grows.

Most e-commerce platforms will allow you to print shipping addresses from your orders page that you can stick onto your packages using tape. If you want to take things one step further, consider sticker mailing labels you can buy for your home printer.

Shipping is definitely a challenging aspect of any e-commerce business. Every business will have their own unique challenges they will need to work through and overcome to develop the best and most efficient shipping strategy. Like many aspects of building your new business though, it will take time and tweaking to determine what works best.

Understanding all the variables and evolving your shipping strategy with your growing business is vital to its long-term health and success. So once you think you have it figured out, don’t let it go stale. Reevaluate every six months to make sure you're delivering the absolute best possible service and experience for the best possible price to your customers.