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Quick Ordering Breakdown

To make it easy to order for the 1st time, with the number of bundles that you’ve selected, I’d suggest starting off with the most popular lengths and textures.

  1. Rookie- Inventory 3-6 Bundles -   Avg. Cost-  $400

3-6 Bundles is a great start because have enough to become a product of your product and some to show for samples. Start with (3) for yourself, and have (3) to show or sell.  The 3 to show should be (1) in straight, wavy and curly. But if using to sell, make sure it’s the same hair texture and length as you have on your head because ladies want what you have.

Rookie: 10 qualified leads is needed to produce= 1 sale – This means you need to hand out cards to 10 ladies that love you hair and are ready to buy to potentially get a sale.

2.  New Kid on the Block- Inventory 10 Bundles – Avg. Cost $680

10 bundles- is a great start for New Kids because it gives allows you to get your feet wet without diving all the way in.  You can use 3 for yourself, 2 for samples and 5 to sell.  Just think, if you paid $68 per bundle or $340 for 5 bundles and  charged $136 per bundle for the 5 bundles remaining bundles, to make your $680 back,  (all while wearing the hair and have samples? I’d say it’s pretty worth it.

(2) bundles each of length 12”,14”,16”,18”,20” and 22” in the levels of 1-2, 5-6, and 9-10

Or you can start off with (2) bundles of 12” in Level 9/10, (2) bundles of 14” in Level 1/2, (1) bundle of 18”-20”and 22” (3 total),each in level 5-6 , and (1) bundle of 18”-20”-22”, (3 total) each in (either 1/2 or 9/10)  = 10 Bundles of a Variety

New Kid on The Block:  50 qualified leads = 5 sales- If you plan on wearing the hair, you need 3 ladies to purchase 2 bundles each or 3 ladies to purchase the remaining 2. Of if you are not wearing, you need 5 ladies to purchase 2 bundles or 3 ladies to purchase 3-4.

3. CEO: - Inventory 30 Bundles – Avg. Cost $2500

30 bundles are ideal for a stylist, salon owner or beginning distributor.  It allows you to sell to “ready to purchase” clients.  You never know, you could roll up on a weave/hair shop and find a client who was just about to put their weave in with some other hair, and you introduced yours, and they purchased from you.  It can happen, it’s happened to me plenty of times.   The key to it all, is to have hair readily available for anyone to purchase at any time.

6 bundles of 5 different lengths in 3 textures:

6 bundles of 14” - 2 in level 1/2 , 2 in level 5/6, and 2 in level 9/10

6 bundles of 16” - 2 in level 1/2 , 2 in level 5/6, and 2 in level 9/10

6 bundles of 18” - 2 in level 1/2 , 2 in level 5/6, and 2 in level 9/10

6 bundles of 20” - 2 in level 1/2 , 2 in level 5/6, and 2 in level 9/10

6 bundles of 22” - 2 in level 1/2 , 2 in level 5/6, and 2 in level 9/10

CEO150 Qualified Leads = 15 sales

4. Broker- Inventory 100 Bundles Avg. Cost- $6800

100 Bundles are ideal for the Online Seller who has his game plan together, A Black Beauty Supply or Hair Store, or something like a Weaving Salon.  I know the $50 Weave Shop did an average of 1200 weaves per month out of 1 store location!  So this means, because they weren’t selling hair at this time, they lost over $81,000 per month from 1 location because they didn’t have hair on hand.  Every woman who came in the shop had to bring in 2-3 bundles from an outside source. Terrible!

Broker: 500 Qualified Leads = 50 sales


While waiting the 10 -14 days for your hair to come in, take advantage of this time to create a buzz by running ads, or finish setting up your business correctly.  I suggest taking this time to really dive deep into the Social Media Section in the course after you have gone through entire course.

1 Create an ad where you get people to like your business page and your sponsored video.

  1. Second, create an ad that collects leads of interested people who would like to purchase your hair by gathering information about their desired length and texture.
  2. Once you’ve received your order, run an ad targeting everyone who liked your previous ads and all your leads letting them know that its available.

Ok, so there’s pretty much a 10% rule wen it come to advertising.  If you are a Rookie, you’ll need at least 10 leads in order to generate 1 sell.  New Kid On the Block you'll need a minimum of 50 leads to generate 5 sales.  CEO’s will need to reach a minimum of 150 interested people in order to generate 15 sales, and the Broker will need to reach at least 500 interested ladies to generate 50 sales. 

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