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When just starting out, its kind of tough determining what number of bundles you should start with.  Well I’ve put together 4 different categories for Investors. Hope it helps: )

How Do You Plan on Entering the Industry? 

Here are some things to think about when starting your Hair Business. Do you want to provide Quality or the Norm?  How much will you start with?  Which method of entry should you take?  While it’s all based on your budget and what you want to accomplish, you can achieve ANY goal you set for yourself.  Just think, I started off wearing the hair as a stylist and then selling to my clients.  But after a while, other stylists and people heard about the hair I provided and started sending their clients to me to purchase retail, and as I got more and more “outside” clients, I had to cater to that portion of my life making it easier to sell to the public.  This is when I got a Store Front.

Knowing the customer base that you will target is very important! You must know who your audience is so you know how to market, brand, and attract them to your company.

When I had my Store Front locations, I did not advertise at all, it was all word of mouth, so you don’t have to put a tremendous amount into advertising.  Location is key. Look for a high foot traffic area, along with good parking and great signage, and you should be just fine.  Now if you have the budget, I would suggest Radio advertising because it works very quickly!  PLEASE make sure NOT to put more money into the aesthetics of your StoreFront than you have in inventory. While we want our place of business to be attractive to our potential clients, we do not want to go overboard.  Remember, people aren’t buying your beautiful chandelier, they are buying your beautiful hair, you can always upgrade when you start making money. 

The downside is security issues with all the break ins and robberies. However, before launching your new business, do your homework and understand the requirements for opening a hair store.

Below is just a few things to consider before you even open your doors.

Lease the ideal commercial space (LOCATION is everything)

It’s going to take time, a marketing budget and knowledge about online marketing to make this happen. There are some downfalls though when dealing online which include, NOT knowing that particular customer who purchases from you and then does a chargeback or claims fraud or, sending out your product and the shipping carrier loses it, resulting in you paying twice for a product.  Make sure to add insurance on all of your packages. Check out the Bonus Section for Chargeback Information. 

It’s very easy for stylist to start their business without investing early on by taking orders, getting deposits, then when the hair comes, booking the weave.  When taking deposits, have the client put down 50%, (which should be the price you pay for the hair), and the balance when the hair arrives. The only down fall to this approach is having a nagging client asking you where’s their hair.  You must let them know that its coming directly from India and there’s a 2 week wait time.  Make sure not to book their appointment until I notify you that your order has arrived in the USA, and at that point, you know you will be getting it 2 days.  That being said, it is best to have at least 10 bundles of hair on hand so you won’t have to deal with delays, clients see exactly what they’ll be purchasing, and you can make money immediately.

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I personally got in my car and just rolled up to salons and asked if I could show them hair. Its courteous to try speaking with the owner first to see if you can show it around of if they’d be interested in carrying your product, (this is where you would wholesale to them).  Have your list of stylist pricing and wholesale pricing as well. But just in case you’re not comfortable with just walking in, here is a Phone Script that you can use to schedule appointments.